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Commercial Auto Insurance in Cranston, RI

Operating a business comes with a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re a contractor commuting between job sites or a florist delivering bouquets, the vehicle that powers your business is as essential as any other asset you own.

Gaulin Insurance Agency in Cranston, Rhode Island, specializes in tailoring commercial auto insurance policies to meet your company’s unique needs. Contact us today for a commercial auto insurance quote.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Generally, if a vehicle is used for tasks related to the operator’s occupation, profession or business, other than commuting, a commercial policy is necessary. The following entities often require commercial auto insurance:

  • Small business owners—Commercial auto coverage is a must-have if you own a catering service, repair shop, or any business involving deliveries or transporting goods.
  • Independent contractors—Plumbers, electricians and carpenters who use vehicles to haul tools or equipment need commercial auto coverage to ensure that their livelihood isn’t at risk in the event of an accident.
  • Commercial fleets—Businesses that operate multiple vehicles for services like transportation, delivery or rentals need specialized policies that cover the entire fleet.

This list is not exhaustive. Consult your agent to determine whether commercial auto insurance may be appropriate for your situation.

Is Commercial Auto Insurance Required in Rhode Island?

Yes, commercial auto insurance is a legal requirement in Rhode Island for most business-related vehicles. The state mandates minimum auto liability coverage for every Rhode Island driver.

The Gaulin Insurance Agency team often recommends that local businesses purchase more commercial auto insurance coverage than legally required to provide adequate financial protection.

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