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July 7, 2021

Preventing Repetitive Injuries to Reduce Workers Compensation Claims

Many companies require employees to perform the same tasks day in and day out. It is not necessarily like this only in factory-type jobs. Even office workers spend their time doing the same activities most days. In some situations, this type of work can lead to injuries. 

Repetitive injuries occur from the overuse or misuse of the body by performing the same actions many times. An employee might become injured as a result of this type of work. Your workers’ compensation insurance may cover the cost. 

What Are Repetitive Injuries? 
Repetitive injury strain is the medical term for this type of injury. It can happen to many areas of the body. One of the most common types is carpal tunnel syndrome.  work injury claim form

In this condition, the individual’s wrist develops pain. This occurs because of the constant use of the tendons and muscles in the area. Over time, inflammation or injury can occur. This could leave the individual unable to complete his or her tasks.  

Repetitive injury often happens to the hands, arms, legs, or other joint groups used in a constant manner. 

What Can You Do to Reduce Injury? 
There are ways to keep business insurance costs low. A way it to reduce the number of workers compensation claims. What can you do to reduce injuries like this? 

  • Ensure employees get frequent breaks while working. Even turning away from typing, for example, for a few minutes out of the hour can help. 

  • Rotate positions among employees whenever possible. Give employees multiple tasks to complete. 

  • Educate employees about the proper methods to perform key tasks. Ensure they do so. Education like this can help reduce risk. 

  • Identify situations where an employee is at risk. You may be able to find OSHA guidelines on some types of tasks that commonly lead to injury. 

  • Monitor employees while they are working. Are they straining? Do they have pain? Are they doing the job properly?


Workplace injuries for repetitive strain are less common than those related to accidents. However, they remain a big risk for any company. 

Having comprehensive workers compensation insurance to protect you, the business owner, is a must. The right type and amount of business insurance depends on the type of work your team performs. Yet, policies should be comprehensive and cover these types of losses and any others. 

If you need to improve your workers’ compensation coverage, look no further. Gaulin Insurance can help you get the proper scenario coverage for you. Give us a call today at 401-781-4010.